World-Class Recipes in an Index Box

For the home chef faced with the challenging task of presenting a five-star  dinner – exceptional, elegant recipes from a candlelight dining room to the patio.

The Saturday Night Chef Restaurant-Quality Recipes

The Saturday Night Chef is a collection of 85 memorable, special-evening dinner recipes, covering all the major food categories, for all the seasons, with a preparation system to allow a casual home chef to prepare them after the first attempt without the usual complexity and apprehension associated with this level of cooking. We accomplish this with our unique system of presenting recipe instructions in a simple-to-follow format and in separate guidelines specifically designed for these kinds of meals.  While some of these features and advantages are found in cookbooks and other recipe sources, no other single source offers all of these. Bringing a great dish to the table should be available to anyone interested in doing so.  The Saturday Night Chef provides you the means and methods of achieving this and at a quarter of the price found in a fine-dining restaurant!

How a home chef can benefit from The Saturday Night Chef

As a home cook, you do not need to have a culinary degree to successfully prepare an  exceptional, elegant meal.
The Saturday Night Chef is a unique classic recipe source and preparation system for anyone who loves cooking and enjoys fine dining occasionally but does not have the culinary training or the skills needed  to feel comfortable preparing a complex, exceptional dinner. As a home chef you do not need to have a degree to successfully prepare an exceptional, elegant meal. It is a reliable source for the cook who is looking for a large number and wide variety of classic dinner options, for someone who enjoys cooking and is faced with the task of bringing a 5-star dinner to the table. These gourmet recipes are from American and European influences, dating from the 1950’s to the present. They cover all of the major food categories, are easy to make, their ingredients easy to find and, most importantly, are remarkable enough for a Saturday night. Your cookbook or other recipe sources can be put aside. Cooking at home has never been easier. The Saturday Night Chef offers 85 classic, fine dining preparations with easy-to-follow detailed cooking instructions, introductory upscale cooking guidelines and a measurements   conversion chart, plus two acrylic recipe holders, just what you need to produce a professional-tasting meal on your first try.

What makes the Saturday Night Chef unique?

The Saturday Night Chef offers four significant advantages:
  1. A large variety of elegant, special occasion dinner recipes for the home chef
  2. Simplicity of preparation
  3. Ease of use
  4. 19 Page Preparation and Utensil guidelines and Key Food notes
See the Advantages for all the details.

What is included?

While some of the features and advantages in The Saturday Night Chef Recipe Box are found in other recipe sources, no other single source offers all of these.
  • 85 recipes printed on large coated cards
  • Two acrylic recipe card stands
  • Index of all the recipes
  • A 19-page Information Booklet.
  • All packaged in the heavy-duty plastic box.
See the What’s in the Box for complete details.