Welcome to The Saturday Night Chef

Welcome to The Saturday Night Chef

For home cooks faced with the intimidating task of presenting a 5-star dinner, light the candles and pour the wine. Welcome to The Saturday Night Chef. The Saturday Night Chef offers 95 classical, restaurant-quality recipes (main entrées, sides, and salads) on large index cards, from a plastic index box. The box comes with a 20-page booklet recommending preparation and utensil buying guidelines and key food notes, an index of recipes, and a measurements conversion chart. Also included are two acrylic recipe holders that cover and protect the cards and stand them at a comfortable viewing angle, greatly improving efficiency and organization, fundamental to fine dining preparations. Recipe cards provide easy access and viewing and free up counter space. Our unique preparation method with easy-to-follow cooking instructions, geared to the casual or beginning cook is all you need to produce a challenging, memorable dinner on your first try without the usual anxiety and confusion found with this level of cooking.liverpool escort

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  • Chicken Napoli with Olives and Plum Tomatoes

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More About The Saturday Night Chef

These ageless and current classic recipes come from American and European influences, dating from the 1950′s to the present, cover 13 major food categories [with a large variety within each category], for all the seasons.

Recipes are included because they are not difficult to make, their ingredients are easy to find, and most importantly, are remarkable enough for a Saturday night.

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